Happy Hens – Free Range Omega 3 Rich Eggs

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* Happy Hens farms eggs are from hens living in a natural environment. Birds have lots of space to express & engage in their natural behaviour.
* They feed for their natural diet like greens, grains & grubs from the earth. In addition they are fed with a grain diet infused with herbs. This combination of diet enriches the eggs uniquely.
* Eggs are free from Non Therapeutic antibiotic & Hormones.
* Happy Hens Eggs are free from bird flu & hygienically packed for keeping these free from any contamination.

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Health Benefits:
  • Healthy Heart – Reduces Triglycerides in Blood
  • Regulates blood pressure & blood clotting 
  • Raises “good” HDL Cholesterol levels 
  • Reduces fat in Liver
  • Improves Eye Health 
  • Keeps our hair looking nourished 
  • Enriches VIT A
  • Essential for cell growth, maintenance & repair
  • Better metabolism
  • Antibody production 
Product Details

Product Id: HHE01
Category: AA Grade
Net Quantity 6 Pcs: 350 Grams
Product Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 7 cm
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  • Minimum order 2 packs ( i.e  1 Dozen ) per trial order
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  • If delivery takes more than 24Hrs we will inform & you may choose to cancel your order & the money will be returned

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