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Our Farm Produce

168极速赛车·(中国)官方网站、极速赛车开奖历史、开奖记录、官网直播、体彩app手机版、Curated with passion, served with love!!

Free Range Eggs

Happy Hens makes sure you wake up to the best quality, cage free eggs and free range eggs every day.

Happy Hens Farms, pioneer in free range eggs in India is engaged in taking the best care of our hens, delivering nutritious and organic eggs to our customers & creating wealth to our farmers, so many reasons to smile when it comes to Happy Hens eggs.

Having witnessed the inhumane treatment meted out to our feathered friends in commercial caged establishments, we stand true to our values of providing free range eggs and strive to do our best to ensure that the chickens have a wonderful life on our farms. Being true to our values entails a commitment exclusively to the organic eggs sector & to ensure that these genuine country eggs are produced the traditional way; by small carefully managed flocks without compromising on their welfare or way of life.

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Happy Hens is certified FREE Range eggs. We meet the RSPCA standards. Certified by internationally recognized

Free Range means hens have total freedom to access large open space to roam freely and to
express their natural behavior. Our Cage Free birds have a pen / barn for night shelter., fresh

air, bright / pleasant sunshine to bask, trees to perch, nest for egg laying, green pasture to
forage, sufficient food & water to keep them fit & healthy.

We’re committed to having a positive impact in everything we do – treating our animals, our
farmers, our customers and our wider community with kindness and respect.
It is all that we know. It is all that we do since 2010


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Health Benefits

Eggs are a powerhouse food – a concentrated package of high quality natural proteins, vitamins, minerals and some essential elements you require daily in a balanced diet. 

One of the few foods that contain vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin. 100g serve i.e two eggs, will provide about 16% of your daily Vitamin D requirements (RDI). And the highest quality complete food protein.

Let’s crack some myths surrounding eggs

168极速赛车开奖记录查询-168极速赛车官方开奖历史记录-1分钟极速赛车开奖官网记录、Eggs are not high in cholesterol. Eggs contain less than a teaspoon of saturated fat and many of the nutritional components of eggs – such as omega 3 fatty acids, protein, folate, and vitamin E play a role in the maintenance of good heart health. Eggs contain the “good cholesterol HDL” , and thus have almost no effect on your blood cholesterol levels. Egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two important antioxidants for eye health.

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Egg yolks contain vitamin D that contribute to calcium absorption and also contain choline and lutein that ensures good liver function and healthy eyes.   

Happy Hens eggs come loaded with a host of Health Benefits and are packed with nutritional wellness.

With an impeccable reputation for quality, our fortified organic eggs come in two variants – 


    • In addition, our eggs are rich in Protein and Carotenoids. 
    • Happy Hens free range eggs are free from antibiotics, hormones & pesticide residue. 


Enjoy Super Fresh Eggs!


Subscribing to Happy Hens means – hassle free weekly delivery of pure nutrition & good food for you & family.

Our Nutrition Partner

 Ryan Fernando – India’s best Sports Nutritionist   
Nutrition from the food we eat is very important. Eggs produced by animals raised in a natural environment & fed right is very important.  Hens that are free range will always have better nutrition, taste and packed with love. I can taste it when I eat my Happy Hens eggs every day for breakfast😋 I recommend Happy Hens, it’s Omega  3 rich ..”
Nisha Millet – Olympic Swimmer 
” As an athlete and a mother of twins girls, it is vital that our regular diet includes eggs. My earliest memories as a competitive swimmer was my Mom giving me my favorite scrambled eggs everyday. My kids love their omelettes and hard boiled eggs. I choose Happy hens free range eggs because they are trust worthy, deliver to my doorstop and above all they are antibiotic free.

What our customer say about our company

“I have been a loyal customer to Happy Hens. Very happy with the quality of eggs and their delivery services. Iam an eggetarian, love eating fresh eggs. Once I place the subscription, I don’t have to worry about recurring orders. On time and flawless delivery. I highly recommend Happy Hens.”



Founder Earthenmyrra & Super Mom

Every morning I look forward to eggs. The quality is unmissable. The care and nutrition given to the hens shines through in the taste and texture. Undoubtedly, India’s finest packaged free range eggs



On a scale of 1 – 10 with ten being most intense, 8 for the Happy Hens. Given the quality of the yolk, I’m pretty certain it would result in a much richer product, especially for a mayonnaise or a lemon curd”

Antoine Lewis

Antoine Lewis

with Happy Hens, I can see, taste and feel the difference in quality of the eggs

Swetha Subbiah

Swetha Subbiah

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